Who I am

Wife, Mom, Photographer, Freelance Photographer for Cache Valley Daily and on the Board of Directors for Cache Valley Photographers.  Resident of South Eastern Idaho.

Last Book Read

I don't remember.  I read a lot....in waves.  Only a very few books stay with me.  Outliers was a fav.

Favorite TV shows

Do mini series count?  Lonesome Dove is my all time favorite of anything.  Life lessons can be learned from this movie and I quote them to my children all the time.  My favorite quote, "You ride with an outlaw, you die with an outlaw."  I really don't watch television, but I guess a few sit coms Friends, Big Bang Theory and Duck Dynasty.

Favorite Movies

Earliest recollection is Goonies.  I watch it now and realize I didn't get most of what was being said.  These are in no particular order: Lost Boys, Pretty Woman, Legends of the Fall, Days of Thunder, A River Runs Through It, Top Gun, Man From Snowy River, Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, The Cutting Edge, The Bourne Identity Series, Spiderman (the first one with Toby McGuire, 1st one only, the rest are...ick).

Favorite Bands/Singers

No particular order:  Jewel, The XX, Led Zeppelin, Yanni, David Lanz, U2, William Joseph, Fleetwood Mac, Sheryl Crow, James Taylor, Johnny Cash, Charlie Daniel's Band, Coldplay, Imagine Dragons, One Republic 


Photography, Landscaping, Running, Road Biking, Snowmobiling, Hiking


In the middle of a two year project of beginning my photography hobby/business.  Learning how to swim.  It's about time. 

Guilty Pleasures

Anything with refined white flour: dough nuts, cakes, croissants.  Apple products: iPhone, iPad, iPod, Macbook Pro, iMac.  Alone time. 

Favorite Diversion

A certain cabin in Alpine, Wyoming.  

Rock My World Moments

Driving away from Logan, Utah knowing I married my best friend.  The moment the nurse handed me each of my 4 children and I looked into their eyes…love at first sight every time .  Sneaking into my children's bedrooms at night to kiss their foreheads and whisper I love you, only to hear the sleepy whisper of, "I love you, too" from my sound asleep, talking in their sleep children.  They all do it.

My Crazies

Can't cook to save my life, except for a few entrees that my family swears I'm the best at.  Function follows form always.  Don't get that turned around.  Life should be lived 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 a.m.  The world is on the wrong schedule.  Love adages, try to use them all the time, but can't seem to ever say them right.  I mix similar adages together to create my own or the thesaurus in me imposes a synonym and it doesn't sound as good as the original.

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