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Living in a small farming town one doesn't expect a lot of fan fare.  In fact, I expect everything to be small town, so when the unexpected comes along, just have to take notice and say, Well Done, City of Preston!

About a year and a half ago, we purchased a cabin in Wyoming and well, ya know, since we're up there all the time now……gotta buy some fireworks…..the real ones…..and DANG, they're expensive!!!!  We bought a few this year and dropped a wad of cash, lit most of them thinking we were going to put on a real show.  Three inch barrels were booming away and the few minutes of thrill left me thinking….'can I have my money back'.  

I'll probably never want to buy those types of fireworks again, but am happy for the experience, because when you actually pay for your entertainment yourself - you appreciate it more.  I now had an idea of the cost of each electrifying shot boomed into the air at the Preston's 24th of July celebration and during the grand finale, Jon says to me, "500 dollars a second?"   I laughed at the irony of his thoughts and like him was thinking about the cost of the show.  His dollar amount was, of course, just a joke with no intention in it.  Yet, paying the $2.00 cover charge per person seemed minuscule when I think of all that went into the show.  

City of Preston may only be a small Idaho village tucked into the mountains on the northern end of Cache Valley, but when they decide to put on a show……WOW!!!  Just WOW!!!!  No small townness about it!!!


See pictures on Cache Valley Daily here.

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