Members of the Groll Family Fitness gym had an unexpected surprise when they were asked to "show it all off".  

I created a set in an area at the gym with a rain machine, backdrop and all the gear we could find at the gym from weights, to boxing gloves and even a tractor tire.  Members were then asked to show us what they do best.  We created some beautiful images together.  The best part was when they said, "let's do this again and next time I won't indulge in the extra muffin!"  

This was shot with a Nikon d610, Nikkor 70-200 2.8 lens, Paul C. Buff Einsteins with strip boxes and triggered with a Cyber Commander.  

Thanks to all who participated.

More images at

Groll Family Fitness Rain-94-Edit

Groll Family Fitness Rain-23-Edit-2
Groll Family Fitness Rain-63-2-Edit
Groll Family Fitness Rain-98-2-Edit
Groll Family Fitness Rain-20-2

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