Waiting, waiting, waiting….  

We made a decision today that will land one of my sons in the Emergency Room.  Not sure which one it will be or it could be all 3 of them or 4 of them when I include their father into the equation, but someday I'll be rushing to the ER and think back to this moment.   

Blowing Out The Berm

This is our converted horse arena that has become an endrotrack for our little boys in Franklin County, Idaho.

My husband and son will be arriving soon with a new dirt bike for my eldest boy.  It's faster, bigger and can jump higher and go to places that my son may not be able to handle.  Yet, in the end I said, "yes."  The ER visit may not be with my oldest son, but I have two more who will test their courage, ability and push the bike to it's extreme.  

And it is thus I enter into the world of boys and their toys…..dangerous toys, while repeating the mantra of….boys will be boys.

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