I'm a striving photographer and a wannabe blogger.  I've had blogs before…..a few of them, actually.  I like the idea of them and I fully intend on writing at least a few times a week, but fail.  I really enjoy the creating of a website, the design, the backbone of a blog, but not the feeling of 'having to' write in a blog.  I'm telling you now my blogging relationship with you is doomed.  It is doomed!!!

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Remember the childhood diary you vowed to write in every day even if it was just one sentence.  Mine lasted maybe a week and was soon a dust covered forgotten book upon my bedside table that I looked upon while biting my bottom lip with the guilt of a broken goal.  

This past Christmas my sister-in-law gave me a thoughtful gift of 3x5" cards for everyday of the year and are separated with vintage pictures for each month all in a cute box.  The reasoning behind this: write one thing, just one thing about my day.  ONE THING!  January 1st - only card written upon. Just like the diary at my bedside table it sits on my office desk….mocking me.  I still love it and hope to use it.  

Even though our relationship is doomed if we all know there is no goal and no expectations; I will not suffer through any guilt ridden feelings.  I'll come and go as I please without the nagging consequence of not writing in my blog.  It will be sporadic or shall we say a spontanteous visit with an old friend.  

Until then…..take care.

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