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Paddling the Palisades 

Over the weekend we headed to Alpine, Wyoming in Star Valley for some fun in the sun….well, the hazy, smoky, cloudy kind of sun.  When you pack a vehicle with 4 kids and all the gear it doesn't leave much room for the camera gear so as you all know - choices have to be made.  In a rash decision based on kids yelling at me from the car, "C'mon Mom!" "Hurry up, Mom!" "We don't need our picture taken, Mom!" the long lens was left behind.

We've all been in that spot where another lens would've made for a better shot or a better day - no haze.  Well, that's when you have to get creative and work with what's in front of you.  I'll be honest, I struggled.  I wanted to play too, so my camera time was cut down as well.  A few minutes and I mean a few minutes I photographed what was in front of me, concentrated on the lens I had and how it was capable of telling the story about our day paddling at the Palisades Reservoir.  

Did I get the shots I wished I would've with a different lens?  No, but I used that time to work on composition, dealing with harsh light, finding ways to embrace the haze, using a circular polarizing filter for water glare and to enhance the sky.  No, my images are not the spectacular ones I wished for.  Yet, I feel my time was well spent…..learning and even more importantly, having fun with the family...bonding. 

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