How do I/we book a session?

Contact me at  I'll promptly return your email.

What should I/we wear?

What to wear?  What to wear?  The dreaded question and an important one too.  First, stay true to who you are.  Be comfortable.  Then…kick it up a notch.  The days of "matchy matchy" are long gone.  Consider a color palette and then coordinate from there.  Think about textures, layers, hats and jewelry.  Search it out on Pinterest for ideas of clothing options.  Check out some of my favorite coordinating outfits here.

Do you have any suggestions to do prior to the shoot.

Hair —

•  Hair cuts should be at least 1 week prior to your session.

•  Remember to shave everywhere you don't want hair to show - face, eyebrows, nose, side burns, ears, necks, arms, legs...  Be meticulous!  I know this can be a sensitive subject, but I can discreetly recommend a professional who is willing to help.

•  If waxing, do so 2 days prior to your session.  Redness and skin irritation is not usually prevalent after that.  I can discreetly recommend a professional who can help.

•  Avoid any new products.  


•  Moisturize your skin prior to your session.

•  Do not apply glitter to the skin.

•  Drink plenty of water a week or more prior to your session.  Your skin will love you for it and it will show.

•  Avoid any new products.  Don't want to break out in a rash before your session.


•  Go with matte.  No glitter or glossy make-up.  The glitter creates unwanted highlights on the face.  

•  Use gloss on the lips though.

•  Apply make-up in good light.

•  Apply make-up heavier than usual.  The camera eats up the make-up so go heavy.

•  Avoid any new products.  Don't want to break out in a rash before your session.  Can't repeat this enough.  Avoid, AVoid, AVOID!!!

Do you travel?

I love to travel and travel fees will apply to anyplace outside of the Cache Valley, Utah/Idaho,  or Star Valley, Wyoming.  Email me at and we can discuss where the shoot will take place and what charges may apply.

Where will the photos be taken?  Do you have a studio?

I don't have a studio, but if needed I can make something small work.  Generally, I like the great outdoors as my studio.  I love trying new locations, so if you have an idea let me know ahead of time to check it out.  I have some favorites though.  Travel fees will apply if it's outside of Cache Valley, Utah/Idaho or Star Valley, Wyoming.

What to bring?

You are welcome to bring clothing changes and props.  Please coordinate with me on what props you will be bringing so I can think of how to use them.  

Do you use a Make-Up Artist?

Only at your request.  I really recommend this.  It makes a huge difference.  This investment is well spent for professional make-up that smooths and evens out skin as well as highlights your assets.  I can recommend a professional if requested.

Do I sign a contract?

Yes.  I request all clients sign a contract with Cindee Reeder Photography.

Do you use a hair stylist?

Only at your request.  I do recommend it.  I can recommend a professional.

When do I pay?

Pay at the time of the session.

Can I bring a friend?

Sure!!!  It's so fun to have friends there to help us feel comfortable.

You took so many images!  Do I get them all?

You will hear my camera clicking away.  I take a lot of images in order to capture the perfect moment.  No, you won't get them all.  I will choose the best for you and those are the images I edit and deliver to you.

When will I receive my images?

It's so exciting to see your images, I know.  Galleries are ready for viewing within 2-3 weeks.  I'll send a sneak peak to you within 1-2 business days.

What do we do if there is bad weather?

If Mother Nature isn't cooperating due to rain/high wind/blizzard/freezing temperatures we will have to reschedule.

What if I need to reschedule?

No problem!  I completely understand.  I am a mother of 4 and our lives can be hectic. Please try to contact me at least 24 hours in advance of the event you need to reschedule.

Where do I get my prints?

Your session includes a download of beautifully, edited, high resolution images with a print release to the size of an 8x10.  You are welcome to take those anywhere.  Images larger than an 8x10 will be printed with Cindee Reeder Photography and can be done through  My professional printing lab guarantees your 100% satisfaction or your money back.  Prints larger than an 8x10 printed at an economy lab loose detail, color and sometimes composition.  The images we create are a reflection of not only you, but of Cindee Reeder Photography.  I know we both want the best quality at a reasonable price and I offer that here at Cindee Reeder Photography. Please check out my Prints page.