Digital files, downloads, high resolution, low resolution, printing, printing labs, cropping, ordering prints, storing images……who knew there was so much to know.  I hope the information below will help alleviate any confusion.  

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Images on the Cindee Reeder Photography site are stored on servers in 3 different states for their protection.  Remember all images will be deleted from after 2 years. Images will not always be publicly seen during those 2 years. 

Please download and/or print images promptly and secure their protection in your system.

Burning House

Burning House

Courtesy of Shutterstock Images

Printing and Digital Files

Cindee Reeder Photography offers both digital files and prints.  Prints ordered through are printed with a reputable professional printing lab and are guaranteed.  100% satisfaction or your money back.  

Digital files are fun for sharing, computer viewing and, of course, the quick trip to Sam's for a small print when needed in a pinch.  

Remember digital files have copyright laws that do not permit one to create derivate works… additional editing. More information on copyright laws can be found here.

My Prints

Cindee Reeder Photography uses the website host Smugmug for their excellent reputation, ease, affiliation with reputable professional printing labs and their guarantee of prints.  If you are unsatisfied with your prints they will reprint the purchased image or your money back - 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed.  

If an issue arises, just email Smugmug at within 30 days of receiving the order.  Smugmug representatives are there to help 24/7!!!  

All prints are auto corrected at the lab. 

The Crop

Cropping images can be confusing, but when ordering through it is a snap.  The photo editor will show exactly what the image will look like when cropped.  Just press the shopping cart or the buy button and follow the on screen prompts.  Remember all images at Cindee Reeder Photography are a 2x3 (4x6) ratio unless purposely cropped by Cindee Reeder.  

Crops are required for popular sizes like:  5x7, 8x10 and all square crops (1:1 ratio).  Cindee Reeder is the final editor and will proof each image submitted for printing prior to being sent to the printing lab.  

Don't want to print - Purchase a Digital Download

Want a digital image from Cindee Reeder Photography?  Purchase a digital download with a Personal Use License. 

Hover the pointer over the selected image and click on the shopping cart.

There will be a drop down menu to choose, "This Photo", "Photos from this Gallery", or "Create a Card".   When choosing "This Photo" or "Photos from this Gallery" a new screen will appear and on the right hand side is the button for Downloads, click it and choose the download size.  The options are:

1Mpix image is roughly 1 megapixel in size which is about 1000 pixels wide and 1000 pixels high.  

4Mpix image is 4 megapixels.  This is a size for quality printing at most reasonable sizes.  If you want to print at really large poster sizes, you would want a larger image.  

Original image is the image after Cindee Reeder has cropped and beautifully edited.  

If the pixel sizes are as confusing to you as they are to me, you can convert them to inches here.  Note the size is relative to the output device….printing vs. types of web viewing.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at

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